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Pictures of the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit,
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Detroitfoto3innen.jpg (71515 Byte)

View from the lower level on the straight.

Detroitfoto7octupus.jpg (66395 Byte)

Playoffs 2001: the famous and traditional octupus comes down to the ice.

detroitfoto8tor.jpg (63941 Byte)

The Wings scoring in front of an exited home-crowd during game 1 of the playoffs in 2001 vs the Los Angeles Kings. The Wings won game one and two at home but lost the series 2.4, giving the Kings their first winning playoff-series since 1993.

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View from the upper level during the national anthem prior to a Red Wings vs Phoenix-game in January 1998 (Wings won 2:0).

Detroitfoto9localspirirts.jpg (65648 Byte)

Me in 2001 exhibiting local spirits (even though I was hoping for the Dallas Stars, guess one has to adjust to his surroundings at times...).