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Pictures of the
Fleet Center


bostonfoto6fleetvonoben.jpg (30765 Byte)

The Fleet Center as seen from the Hancock-Tower´s observation deck.


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The Fleet Center from the outside, on the left (and in the area) lot´s of good pubs and sports-bars can be found for further entertainment after the game.


Boston1ganginnen.jpg (15670 Byte)

The main-concourse of the arena.

lowerbowlFleetCenter.jpg (26481 Byte)

View of the lower bowl during the warmups.

MarcoSturmNahaufnahmeFleetCenterBoston.jpg (28721 Byte)

Marco Sturm, german players of the San Jose Sharks, obviously happy about seeing some german fans in the stands with the jersey of his former club (EV Landshut).


bostonfoto8fleethymne.jpg (43795 Byte)

Boston Bruins vs New York Islanders, April 2001, national anthem.

videowuerfelstartinglineupboston.jpg (29684 Byte)

The jumbotron of the Fleet Center.

bostonfoto2blickvonobeninkurve.jpg (49007 Byte)

A goal scored by the Boston Bruins! Even though the lower level appears to be rather empty the game was an offical sellout.


bostonfoto3fans.jpg (54180 Byte)

The "Go Joe"-gang and me prior to the game.