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Pictures of the
HSBC Arena

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Outside-shot of the HSBC Arena from one of the parking-lots around the home of the Sabres.

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The main-entrance of the HSBC Arena. In the upper level you can see the sportsbar of the arena, at the far-left of the main entrance-area the 5.000 square-foot fan-store is located.

The arena at a game (picture provided by

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The inside of the arena ready for arena football. When I visited Buffalo in June 2001 the Sabres were already out of the playoffs and I didnīt get a chance to see a game there. I got a private arena-tour though so that I can provide these pictures, itīs not too hard to imagine how the bowl would look for a hockey-game though.

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View of the seating-straight in the lower level. Season-ticket-holders in the club-seat-sections not only have access to their "private" restaurant and a nice parking spot in an adjacent parking facility, they also have advanced-sale-options to all other events at the arena. Off course the occasional visitor of Buffalo or the travelling hockey-tourist will not end up in this section, and there really isnīt a bad seat in the house anyways...

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One of the corporate-suits at HSBC Arena which are located (as usual) between the lower- and upper level.

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The Buffalo Auditorium, the former home of the Buffalo Sabres, is located just across the parking-lot from the new HSBC Arena. I donīt know if itīs still used for minor hockey or as a practice-facility but it really doesnīt appear to be a too inviting building, at least from the outside.