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Pictures of the Centre Bell

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Outside-shot of the front entrance.

Another outside-shot of the building.

View of the arena from the upper level.

View onto the ice from far above.

The seating-straight between periods.

View of the action from the top of the arena.

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A good crowd on hand, not really a common sight these days.

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The typical fan-equipment in Montreal.

molsonanthem.jpg (39192 Byte)

Singing of the national anthem for the classic matchup between the Montreal Canadiens in white and the Toronto Maple Leafs in blue (Canadiens won 2:1).

molsonjumob.jpg (33591 Byte)

The jumbotron at the Centre Bell, Olaf Kolzig and his Washington Capitals were in town and left a sellout crowd of 21.273 with little to talk about after the Caps won 1:0 on a shorthanded goal by James Black in the first period.

molsoncrowd.jpg (64367 Byte)

A view of the straight at the Centre Bell.

molsonhistory.jpg (32238 Byte)

At least there are still reminders of a great past all around the arena. Chances are rather slim that new pictures will have to be added from the current roster (summer 2001).