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Pictures of
Madison Square Gardens

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Outside-shot from 7th Avenue.

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And a picture from the inside, New York Rangers vs Montreal Canadiens, April 1998.

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The jumbotron at Madison Square Garden.

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View from the straight during the singing of the national anthem prior to a great 4:5 with more than 80 shots on goal and various lead-changes. The game also eliminated the Rangers from the playoffs and the Garden was rocking until Anson Carter fired two shots past Mike Richter in the dying minutes of the third period (1998/1999-season).

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The corporate-suits are located above the normal seats at Madison Square Garden.

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Sold out Madison Square Garden vs Buffalo (1:1, great game by both Richter and Hasek combining for 80 saves) in 1996.

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New since 2000/2001: interactive seats for those fans with deep pockets at the game (personally I still think that a fan should try to interact with the game and not the seat in front...)

Jumbotron at the Garden.

Empty seats during the preseason at a game of the Rangers vs the Boston Bruins (prior to the 2002/2003 season).

Boston and the Rangers going at it.

The darkened arena between periods.

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The locker-room of the New York Rangers, kind of unkept at the moment...