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Pictures of Continental Airlines Arena

continentalaussen.jpg (11221 Byte)

The arena as seen from the highway -- right in the middle of nothing.

continentalairlinesconcourse.jpg (39982 Byte)

The main concourse at Continental Airlines Arena.

continentalairlinesarenanamesign.jpg (7830 Byte)

The name-tag on the fascate of the building.

continentalairlineshymne.jpg (56144 Byte)

The singing of the national anthem prior to the game.

continentalairlinesarenacrowd.jpg (43789 Byte)

View of the arena during a game vs the New York Rangers in 2000/2001.

continentalairlinesbanner.jpg (14480 Byte)

Roof-decoration New Jersey-style.

continentalairlinesscoreboard.jpg (45529 Byte)

The scoreboard, quiet interesting to note that Boston has three shots after 25 minutes....

continentaldevils.jpg (26473 Byte)

The Devil having fun with little children (probably wants them to shop at the way-too expensive stores outside).

continentalhalle.jpg (27549 Byte)

View from the upper level during a game between the Devils and the Rangers in 1996/1997 (Devils won 4:0).

continentalvip.jpg (22733 Byte)

View from one of the corporte suits between the lower- and upper-level.