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Pictures of the Arena Oberhausen

arenaoberhausenvonaussen.jpg (13573 Byte)

The arena as seen from the nearby shopping mall (at least coming from there).

boxofficeoberhausenarena.jpg (25737 Byte)

The box office just outside the main entrance.

concessionstandarenaoberhausen.jpg (18200 Byte)

One of the concessions stands inside the Arena, not good, not cheap, just what you would expect at an arena.

livemusicoberhausenarena.jpg (18773 Byte)

A bit of rather bad live-music in the main concourse prior to a game at the Arena.

mainconcourseoberhausen.jpg (17533 Byte)

The main-concourse...

unterrangarenaoberhausen.jpg (20251 Byte)

View of the bowl from the corner...

fotounterrang.jpg (15721 Byte)

...and from the straight in the lower level.

bahnhofoberhausen.jpg (14768 Byte)

Right between the shopping mall and the arena the futuristic-looking train-station is located.

oberh.JPG (29655 Byte)


Pretty bad picture of a pretty good crowd (game vs Duesseldorf).