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Pictures of the
Wachovia Center
Pictures in part provided by Stefan (

The Wachovia Center, part of the Philadelphia Sports Complex.

Outside-view of the arena, fall 2002. 

View of the Wachovia Center from the adjacent parking lot.


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If you´re rather early at the arena there is still enough time for a little game on the upper concourse...

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The nicely decorated ceiling at the Wachovia Center.

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90 minutes prior to the game...

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View from the cheapest seats in the house.

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Fans coming into the arena 30 minutes prior to a game vs the Blackhawks.


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The jumbotron at the Wachovia Center.

A different shot of the jumbotron (picture provided by

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View from the straight in the upper level during a game vs the New Jersey Devils who were down 4:1 early in the game but came back due to the normal Ron-Hextall-performance by Ron Hextall in goal for the Flyers. After this game I knew why there is this joke with Ron Hextall trying to commit suicide by jumping in front of a truck only to see the truck move through his legs...

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View on the ice from the low-budget seats.