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The inside of one of the VIP-suites on the straight of the Air Canada Center. In this case this suit is the one owned by Scott Niedermayer´s best friend, Tie Domi, one of the least talented players ever to exhibit it´s arts in front of thousands of hockey-fans.

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At each end of the rink there are also VIP-suites located in the upper level and basically hanging inside the arena..

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A view that only 120 dollars can get you, at least at the box-office (scalpers would probably ask for your house). Nothing against a hockey-mad city, but in Toronto management has a very direct way to turn the status of the team into big and fat profits at the bottom line.

aircanadaleafshalloffame.jpg (31338 Byte)

The Maple Leaf Hall of Fame, part of the Air Canada Center and a place where every fan can see all kind of stuff from the long history of the team.

aircanadacentereismaschine.jpg (26175 Byte)

One of the very first machines used for the recreation of the ice-surface between periods (used at Maple Leaf Garden and photographed at the Maple Leaf Hall of Fame).

leafumkleide.jpg (15230 Byte)

The rather comfortable looking entrance to the Maple Leafs dressing room.

mediagondolatoront.jpg (18626 Byte)

A view of the media gondola where Canada´s sports-writers try to make out the single players approximatly half a mile below.

aircandanikeflightdeck.jpg (38009 Byte)

The Nike Flight Deck; even though this doesn´t have a lot to do with the Maple Leafs I found it rather interesting that the Toronto Raptors are one of the few teams with an on-site training facility about 30 seconds away from center-ice (or center-field in the Raptor´s case). And the floor shines very nice, too....

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I met this travel-group from Cologne, Germany at Wayne Gretzky´s restaurant just a couple of minutes away from the Air Canada Center and only a short distance from King Street where most of downtown Toronto´s nightlife takes place when I traveled to Toronto for a game vs the Boston Bruins (1:4) in 1998.