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Sekonda ISL League (First Division)

Welcome to the most chaotic section of this whole homepage: the hockeyarenas in Great Britan. As I was updating my homepage following the 03/04-season, only the Sheffield Steelers were still in existence in a league that had also switched names (now "Elite Icehockey League") once again (I can recall a few more instances). All of the sudden I found teams called London Racers and Manchester Phoenix in the standings; Manchester Phoenix is still playing where the Storm (below) played a year before, the Racers are playing in a small rink with a capacity of 1.250 and a broken homepage. As I have no regular contacts to Great Britan I have no idea how to really understand what is going on on the island, but from here it seems rather chaotic. Check out the now-official homepage of the leauge if you want to know which teams exist next month: (  

Teams probably still in existence:

Sheffield Arena, Sheffield Steelers

Former teams playing at venues used by different teams today:

Manchester Evening News Arena, Manchester Storm

Former Teams playing at venues not used today:

London Arena, London Knights


All information based on my impression (I donīt know anything for sure anymore) in March, 2004.