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Pictures of the Deutschlandhalle

Pictures in part providided by and

Some basic information I could find on the net:

Build in 1935 by Franz Orthmann and Fritz Wiemer for the Olympic Games the Deutschlandhalle seated up to 10.000 spectators. It was used by the NSPAD for political conventions and for sporting-events. In December 1935 the first cycling-race took place inside the Deutschlandhalle. After being destroyed during the 2nd World War the Arena was renovated and used as a multi-purpose facility from then on (concerts, cycling-races, "Holiday on Ice") before it was finally closed on the first of January 1998. Demolition-plans had to be put on hold when the arena was given to the Berlin Capitals as a temporary home for no more than three seasons in April 2001.

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The main-entrance of the Deutschlandhalle.

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Inside-view of the Deutschlandhalle (Berlin vs Cologne)

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Views on both straights of the arena.

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And the main concourse....