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Pictues of the Saddledome in Calgary

Pictures provided by Patrick Hauser ( and Marco Schwaab (

Saddle1.jpg (17002 Byte)

Picture of the Saddledome with Calgary´s skyline in the background.


Various outside shots of the arena.

The jumbotron (picture provided by

Saddle3.jpg (30966 Byte)

The singing of the national anthem prior to the game.

Saddle4.jpg (25230 Byte)

Same as above.


View of the arena during warm-ups.

Seating straight of the Saddledome.

The suits at the top of the building.

View from the top.

Saddle6.jpg (22783 Byte)

The main concourse of the Flames´ home.

Saddle8.jpg (19656 Byte)

Another view of the main concourse.