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Pictures of the

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View of the United Center from the Sears´ Towers observation deck.

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Outside view of the Hawks and Bulls-home on Madison Avenue.

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The lower concourse...

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Fighting for a better atmosphere at the game, quiet contrary to the team of the past few years...

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Original Six teams also have some pretty old fans...

unitedcenterceiling.jpg (36953 Byte)

A nicely decorated ceiling...

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The arena on the 4th of January 1998, game of the Hawks vs the Detroit Red Wings (Chicago won the great game 3:1 with a wonderful one-timer by Tony Amonte in the third that put the Hawks ahead 2:1).

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Sold out United Center (vs Wings, 22.000 in attendance).

viewoftheunitedcenterbowl.jpg (44836 Byte)

And a view of the bowl a few years later, notice the new flashing advertisement boards between the levels (picture is also from a sellout vs the Red Wings).

unitedcenterbulls.jpg (44276 Byte)

This picture might have little to do with hockey at the United Center but seeing the Bulls of the 90s live with Toni Kukoc, Ron Harper, Dennis Rodman, Luc Longley, Steve Kerr and someone called MJ is still one of my best sports-memories...

michaeljordanberntpv.jpg (26608 Byte)

My best MJ-photo, not the best quality actually but tickets were pretty expensive, especially when you bought them at scalpers so the upper level was as close as my wallet allowed me to be...

michaeljordanstatueattheunitedcenter.jpg (28544 Byte)

The Michael Jordan statue right outside the Center.