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Pictures of the Arena at the Brehmstraße

The seating-straight holding up DEG-coloured papers prior to a game vs arch-rival Cologne.

The main concourse of the arena between periods.

Both ends of the rink from the standing-straight.

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View on the standing-room area prior to a game.

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View from the seating-straight, soldout game vs Cologne, season 2000/2001).
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Fans of Duesseldorf celebrating the championship in 1999/2000 after the team defeated Ingolstadt in 5 games (3:2) and claimed the titel in the 2nd division (final score was 5:1 in game 5). The DEG advanced to the DEL (first divison) for the 2000/2001-season...

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The only sign of technology inside the arena. Bad technology...

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The team entering the arena...

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...and the same ceremony from a different angle (2002)...