Page 1: The outside of the arena, the concourses and a VIP-suite.

Page 2: The inside of the arena.

Page 3: Various pictures, fans, players, the gold-medal game in 2001...

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Pictures of the Preussag Arena

preussagbruecke.jpg (23241 Byte)

The bridge between the main parking area and the former Expo-2000 area where the Preussag Arena is located.

preussagarenaaussen.jpg (46152 Byte)

The arena from the outside.

preussagarenaeingang.jpg (40964 Byte)

The main entrance of the arena prior to a game.

preussagarenafluroben.jpg (32294 Byte)

And a picture of the wide and friendly concourses throughout the arena (picture being taken in the upper-level which is also the narrowest level).

preussagvip.jpg (34698 Byte)

One of the many corporate suits at the new Preussag Arena.