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Pictures of the Preussag Arena, Page 2

preussagarenageradentotale.jpg (63082 Byte)

A view on the straight from the middle level during the semi-final of the 2001 world hockey championships between Finnland and the USA. Finnland won 3:1....

preussagarenamobileconcession.jpg (31710 Byte)

A mobile concession-stand and viewing-obstruction in action...

preussagarenarestuarant.jpg (35285 Byte)

A view of the restaurant and the VIP-area at one end of the rink.

preussagarenavideowuerfel.jpg (16906 Byte)

The rather poor jumbotron, notice that some screens are already rather black....

preussagarenaunterrang.jpg (44628 Byte)

A view from the lower level during the warmups of a game at the world hockey championships 2001.

preussagarenaoben.jpg (40941 Byte)

A view from the upper level.

preussagpresstables.jpg (30586 Byte)

And the press-section during the world hockey championships in 2001, I guess the smart ticket-management also sold those tickets in advance but I donīt have proof of that. Just guessing...