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Pictures of the Preussag Arena, Page 3

preussagarenacondomfans.jpg (63250 Byte)

Fans from Sweden and Finnland enjoying each other in the upper level....

preussagarenaweinrich.jpg (43655 Byte)

Erich Weinrich of the Philadelphia Flyers taking a shot during the warmups prior to his semi-final vs Finnland.

preussagarenamatssundin.jpg (39721 Byte)

Mats Sundin, captain of the Toronto Maple Leafs and also in action during the world championships in 2001.

preussagarenagoldmedallie.jpg (69092 Byte)

Team Czecheslowakia lifting the gold-medal once again (third time in a row, they also won the Olympics in Nagano in addition to that).

preussagarenaoberrangchechfinal.jpg (39194 Byte)

And fans from the Czech. Republic celebrating their title in the upper level...

preussagarenachechweltmeiser.jpg (31224 Byte)

...while the players are doing their part on the ice.

preussagarenausatante.jpg (85865 Byte)

For fans of Team USA the Preussag Arena offered nice views out of the arena. Definetly a more relaxing view than on the team inside the arena (Team USA lost both games at the finals-weekend, first against Finnland in the semi-final and then against Sweden in the bronze-medal-game).