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Page 2 of the pictures: pics of a corporate suit at the Koelnarena


Page 3 of the pictures: the world championships 2001 and various others

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Pictures of the Koelnarena, Page 1

koelnarenaoberrang.jpg (39237 Byte)

Main concourse (upper level)..

kaunterrang.jpg (63468 Byte)

View from the 85-mark seats in the lower level.

concessionstandkoelnarenapizza.jpg (25246 Byte)

One of the uncountable concession stands outside the bowl (rather good pizza for arenas by the way).

koelnarenaoben.jpg (84295 Byte)

View from the top of the arena at a Cologne vs Duesseldorf-game on November 17th 2000. Picture provided by

koelnarenastehplatz.jpg (94441 Byte)

Standing-room area (Colgne vs Duesseldorf).
Picture by