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Pictures of the Koelnarena Page III,

The World Championships 2001 and various pictures


koelnarenaausbelgien.jpg (173792 Byte)

USA vs Sweden (2:2) at the World Hockey Championships 2001. Picture provided by Eveline DG (,


  preussagarenausaaltesecke.jpg (31889 Byte)

Phil Housley and David Legward of Team USA prior to a game at the World Championships 2001.

koelnarenawmdoofland.jpg (63954 Byte)

Flag-waving and soldout crowd at the quarterfinals-game between a suprisingly good team Germany and Finnland (Finnland won 4:1 and lost in the finals to the Czech. Republich).

koelnarenapressetable.jpg (47172 Byte)

The press-tables located at the lower level of the Koelnarena.