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Pictures of the  Eissportzentrum Osnabrück


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The well-filled and absolutly free parking lot right in front of the arena.

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The front-entrance (and only entrance) of the Eissportcenter Osnabrueck. As you can easily see there is everything to be found that a fan could wish for, a public phone on the right and VIP-parking right at the arena on the left.

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The eqipment-management is located right through the front-door. You can not only shop from a wide choice of sticks and protectors but you can even rent inline-skates in the summer or ice-skates in the winter. That´s service the way it ought to be!

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The night security-officer is also at work during the daytime.

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The main box-office of the Eissportcenter Osnabrueck. As you can probably guess there is no way to order tickets by phone or via the internet. But don´t panic, lines are rather short on most days!

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You can find absolutly everything at the arena that you would find at a Madison Square Garden or MCI Center. The Eissportcenter Osnabrueck got it all!

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A view of the seating-straight of the arena where all fans can easily fit on the four wooden rows. Of course there is only seating on one side of the surface, the fan-support is still under development.

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A view of the inside during the inline-season.