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Pictures of the Bodensee-Arena
Pictures in part provided  by and Lukas Löhle (

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The main-entrance and an outside-view of the building (outside-view provided by 

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And a ton of people streaming through the doors...

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The fan-corner of the HC Thurgau in action (standing-room)....

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...and the players at the bench after the home-team scored.

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View from the last row in the corner.

View from the standing area about 40 minutes prior to a game. View onto the straight where the visiting teams usually stand.
Action on the ice! The HC Thurgau scoring against Olten in a game they won 6:3.
The fans celebrating their team after the victory. Olten, the visiting team, stretching prior to a game.

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And a view onto the corner and the last row from where the picture above has been taken.