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Beautiful living presents:
OīCallaghanīs Hostel
in London

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All quotes with an * are taken from the official homepage of the O`Callaghanīs Hostel. They have four hostels in the Earlīs Court area and while I can only speak about the conditions I met at one of their installments I doubt that their other places are a whole lot better. I donīt know though..., I know that it wasnīt really that smart to book a room at a place that doesnīt even have pictures on itīs homepage but we live to learn as far as I know...(maybe management puts a link to my page on their page so that potential customers can have a look in advance..., maybe they donīt...).

If you canīt wait to place an online-reservation just click at the link to their page:


"Most rooms include fridge and TV, and tea and coffee is available all day." * (I guess our room was the only exception, behind me (while taking the picture) there is nothing but the door.)

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"Clean secure rooms with linen provided. Valuables can be secured in our safe." *

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"Hostel is not suitable for families with children - it is geared for lively backpackers." *

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"Lively budget hostel includes shared dorms and private rooms." *

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"Friendly, knowledgeable, courteous and fun-loving staff" (I believe the fun-part...)