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Pictures of the
S a v v i s   C e n t e r

SavvisCenterbeschriftet1.jpg (31809 Byte)

View from the St. Louis Arch. You can see a bit of the Savvis Center right between the two skyscrapers at the right, at center you can spot the Busch Stadium, home of the St. Louis Cardinals (baseball).

savviscenterfacoff.jpg (31067 Byte)

Faceoff between the Boston Bruins in black and the St. Louis Blues in their white home-jerseys.

savviscentrefangames.jpg (5012 Byte)

savviscentrefangames2.jpg (4637 Byte)

Fan-animation between periods...., I don´t know if fans of the road team are prefered for this rather unique bowling-game. I am not sure it´s all that healthy for the participants though...

savviscentreinsideandretirednumbers.jpg (28004 Byte)

The championchip banners and the retired numbers of the St. Louis Blues hang from the ceiling of the Blues´ home.

Savviscentrejumbotron.jpg (28494 Byte)

The really fine jumbotron of the Savvis Center. Notice the little flags with the logo of all current NHL-teams on top. Also notice that the Bruins are up 1:0 by now.

savvis1.jpg (20747 Byte)

savvis2.jpg (27596 Byte)

savvis3.jpg (26891 Byte)

Various views of the inside.