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Allmendstadion Bern

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Attendance Figures
2003/2004 13.093
2002/2003 12.359
2001/2002 11.292
2000/2001 11.412
1999/2000 10.251
1998/1999 9.395
1997/1998 10.012






Allmendstadion Bern

Information and visiting experience by Daniel Geering (dangeery@bluewin.ch)
Translation by Jens Poelling-Vocke (jenspv@aol.com)

The "Allmendstadion" in Bern is currently the biggest hockey arena in Switzerland and even one of the largest ones in entire Europe. The stadium offers room for 16.771 visitors, this number includes 4.460 seats and 391 corporate suits.

Unless the team is playing against Langau (Berner derby) or in the playoffs, it shouldn't be a problem to get tickets for the games.

After playing a destructive and unsuccesful style during the last years the average attenadance was around 13.000 (still the highest in Europe), but it is consistently decreasing.

During the last season (1999-2000) an average of 11'200 fans visited the games of SC Bern. Because of this still great fan-community oftentimes more than 2.000 fans travel with their team to away games in order to support it. The biggest rivals are SC Langnau, the HC Lugano and the team Fribourg Goteron.


Directions from Germany:

Highway in direction to Basel / Zuerich, from there on highway to Bern, exit "Wankendorf", from there it´s 700 meters to the arena.

Adress of the team:


Papiermühlestrasse 40 H

3014 Bern

Links to the team:

official homepage: www.scb.ch

inofficial homepage: www.baeregrabe.ch