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La Resega Lugano

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Attendance Figures
2003/2004 3.963
2002/2003 4.811
2001/2002 3.680
2000/2001 3.760
1999/2000 4.460
1998/1999 4.208
1997/1998 4.320





















La Resega, Lugano
Information and visiting experience by Daniel Geering (
Translation by Bernt Poelling-Vocke (

The Resegna in Lugano is the home-rink of the HC Lugano. Lugano itself is located in southern Switzerland and just one hour by car from Milan, Italy.

The southern atmosphere can be experienced in the stands as well. Especially the "Curva Nord" is known for being one of the loudest fan-sections in Swiss hockey. Even stars such as Fedorov or Nylander stated that they had cold showers running down their back in front of Lugano´s fans at times.

The loudest games are still the games against the arch-rivals from Ambri, one can almost feel the hatred between both clubs hanging in the air. Lugano´s fans also dislike Zürich and Bern a lot and at times things also get a bit out of hand between the rivaling fan-groups. But not all road-teams are hated in Lugano, the teams from Lausanne, Milan and Cologne (Germany) are well liked opponents whose fans don´t have to be scared when they travel with their team.

Five championships have been won by the team that also made it to the finals of the European Hockey League in 1987, 1991 and 2000.

With a capacity of 8200 the arena is one of the bigger ones in european hockey. 5000 of those 8200 tickets are seats, the remaining 3200 tickets are standing-room-tickets. You normally shouldn´t have any problems at all obtaining a couple of them, only games against Ambri are a bit of an exception and I would suggest  you to order your tickets in advance. Seats are selling for 35 Franken, standing-room tickets go for 17. Children below the age of 12 are free, tickets can be ordered by phone under 091/941 32 63.

For those of you from Germany it might also be interesting to add that a fan-club from Cologne schedules trips to games in Lugano once in a while. The adress:

Adresse: Lugano Fanclub Colonia
Ramratherweg 9
50769 Köln


The adress of the club:

Hockey Club Lugano

Casella Postale

6904 Lugano


Links to the team:

HP: (Homepage of the hard-core-fans)

Getting there:

Coming from Germany drive towards Basel/Zürich. From there continue towards Luzern, Gotthard, Airolo and Bellinzona.