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Missing your favorite arena?

After I only portrayed the arenas I had visited personally on my homepage soon the first e-mails started to come in asking about the publishing of additional arenas. I then decided to chance the concept of my homepage to that of a more or less open database where everyone can contribute. You wonīt find any arenas published where I canīt publish personal experiences from, most of the teams have those informations on their own homepages and this page should offer itīs visitors more than just driving directions and a link to the box-office.,

Should you know any arena (no matter which league, country, everything from the smallest village-team to a NHL-franchise will be published!) that is not published here so far personally or should you have a completly different opinion about one of the described stadiums or additional/better pictures than I have please e-mail me or post your opinion on the message board! If you send in an arena it doesnīt have to be a picture-perfect essay, even if itīs just a bunch of notes I can use it as long as it gives some form of a personal insight into the arena and does cover a bit more than seating capacity & box-office phone-number.

At this point I would also thank to those who have already helped me with enlarging my homepage, wether it was Weisswasser, Hershey, Calgary, Odense, Weisswasser, Berlin or the complete Switzerland-section!

Enjoy the next game,

Bernt Pölling-Vocke

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