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Frankfurt Lions

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Eissporthalle am Ratsweg

Information and visiting-experiences by 

Barney (,
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Translation by Bernt Poelling-Vocke (

Not far removed from the inner city of Frankfurt the modern and fully closed hockey-arena of the Frankfurt Lions can be found close to parts of the Frankfurt trade-fair where more than enough parking for the maximum crowd of 6.900 can be found. The arena-complex is a pleasure to the eye and also offers nice temperatures far above the freezing-point (when compared to open arenas such as in Duesseldorf) for winter-games.

The view on the ice is excellent from most points of the arena and the lighting is well done. An expection is the standing-room section for the fans of the opposing team, but more about that further down in this article. Concession stands are also available in a sufficient number and one should be able to grab a beer or a Frankfurter Wuerstchen without standing in line for a long period of time.

Tips for visitors:

While the areana, one of the most modern facilities in Germany behind the Koelnarena in Cologne and the arena in Oberhausen,  is a pleasent place with a lot of comfort and great atmosphere for most fans in the building, the fans of the visiting team in their standing-room section probably don´t find a lot to enjoy inside the arena. For them a fenced section right underneath the roof is reserved, temperatures are incredible, the view on this ice is obstructed or not even given (to the complete surface), the scoreboard and clock are out of view. I would strongly recommend a ticket anywhere else in the arena!

At times you might see hens being thrown on the ice by fans of the Lions. Just as the throwing of octupus in Detroit this is a traditional habit.The flying hen has a compareable status in Frankfurt, even though it might be interesting to add that the hens are usually made of plastic and fans in Detroit go for the "real deal" instead...

If you´re staying overnight in Frankfurt there is a wide variety of choices, depending on the amount of money you want to spend. With the "Hotel am Zoo" and the "Hotel Admiral" there are two affordable places just around the corner at the arena, if you prefer to stay with one of the world-wide hotel-chains such as the Sheraton, Hilton or Holiday Inn you can find those in the inner city of Frankfurt. There are also a lot of nice restaurants and bars in the inner city of Frankfurt, but the prices are rather low by german standards, even though the "crash" at the stock-market in the 2nd half of 2000 might lower the prices a bit (the Frankfurt Stock Exchange is one of the busiest in the world and Frankfurt is the financial center of Germany).



The ticket-situation in Frankfurt can be a bit stressed at times. You should be able to obtain tickets for most games on game-night, but the team also comes close to sellouts quiet often so that the choice might be rather limited. Especially games against the local rivals from Kassel, the Kassel Huskies, or matchups with top-DEL-teams often result in huge crowds. If you want to order tickets in advance, just call the tickethotline at....

Tickethotline: 069/1340-400

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"Stehtribuene" means standing-room


Standing-room tickets: 15 marks if you´re under 16, 20 for students and seniors and 25 marks for the regular ticket.

Seating tickets: starting at 35 marks (20 for students) and up to 70 marks (no reducton for students for those seats)

Directions to the arena:

Travelling by train:

from Frankfurt main-station:

use local-train to "Konstablerwache", switch to the underground-system line number 7 and get off at the stop "Eissporthalle / Festplatz"


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