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Les Vernets
HC Genf Servette

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Attendance Figures
2003/2004 4.817
2002/2003 5.249
2001/2002 3.423
2000/2001 ?
1999/2000 1.694
1998/1999 1.048














Les Vernets

Information and visiting experience by Daniel Geering (dangeery@bluewin.ch)
Translation by Bernt Poelling-Vocke (Bernty@gmx.com)

The Hockey Club Genf Servette was founded in 1963 and already climbed up into the NLA in 1965. But just shortly after the glory first days of the team it dropped back into the NLB and has basically stayed there for the past 30 seasons. 

But the future of the team looks bright: at first the team missed the advancement to the NLA by a heartbeat during the 1999/2000 but then managed to climb up the ladder for the 2003/2004 season and with the Anschutz Group as part of the ownership the financial future should be secured. Other teams owned by the Anschutz Group are the Los Angeles Kings, Sparta Prag, Munich Barons and the Eisbären Berlin, and there is no doubt that the necessary investments into the roster will be made in order to turn the team into a top Swiss hockey-club.

The ice-arena "Les Vernets" originally had a capacity of 11.500 but this number was reduced to 7.500 during recent renovations, when VIP-suits where added to the aging arena. During the 1999/2000 season the team averaged 6.000 fans per game, sold out all playoff-games and all games against the big rivals from Lausanne, the HC Lausanne. If the team manages to advance to the NLA as planned and plays competitive hockey sellouts should become normal so it would be definetly intelligent to buy tickets in advance.

Ticket-prices are 15 Franken for a standing-room ticket at the moment, seating-tickets are priced at 25 Franken.

In the longterm the construction of a new arena is scheduled as part of an investment project with the local soccer club, but so far no ground has been broken.


from Basel/Zurich: drive in direction to Bern, Freiburg, Lausanne and Genf and follow signs to Geneve.


HC Servette-Genf
Case Postale 153
1211 Genéve


http://mypage.bluewin.ch/a.roch/page9.html (inofficial homepage)

e-mail: info@geneva-hockey.ch (e-mail of the club, for example for tickets)

www.geneva-hockey.ch (official link of the team)