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Attendance Figures
2003/2004 3.852
2002/2003 4.407
2001/2002 3.593
2000/2001 3.455
1999/2000 3.468
1998/1999 3.919
1997/1998 3.963















Information and visiting experience by Daniel Geering (dangeery@bluewin.ch)
Translation by Bernt Poelling-Vocke (Bernty@gmx.com)

The SC Rapperswil-Jona has found it´s home at the "Lido", a new and modern arena with a capacity of roughly 6.000 divided into 2.500 seats and 3.500 standing-room spaces.

The team whose biggest success was the rise to the NLA in 1994 was founded in 1945. At the moment the transformtation to a corporation is under way in order to give the club modern structures.

Especially games against Zuerich, Kloten and Lugano are definetly worth the price of admission. Tickets aren´t tough to find for normal games due to the relatively low turnout at games in Rapperswil.

Rapperswil is also known for it´s very tight security at the arena´s doors. Each fan basically has to strip to his underpants and you can expect long waiting-lines at times at the main-entrance.

Fans of the team will also never forget the few but glorious days in the fall of 1995 when Doug Gilmour, an NHL-superstar, played for the team for a short period of time. The same can be said about the aquisition of Paul Icebeart for the 1999/2000 campaign.


Postfach 1106
8640 Rapperswil

055 / 220 80 90


Phone-number for advanced ticket-sales:

055 / 220 80 90



www.scrj.ch (offiziell)



Directions to the arena:

From Basel/Schaffhausen drive in direction to Zurich. After getting there continue on to Chur until you get to the interstate-exit Pfäffikon. From there on continue to Rapperswil (signs do exist...). The town of Rapperswil is located at the upper end of the Zuericher Lake.