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Schluefweg Kloten

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Attendance Figures
2003/2004 4.569
2002/2003 5.183
2001/2002 4.723
2000/2001 4.409
1999/2000 4.588
1998/1999 4.354
1997/1998 4.933




























Schluefweg Kloten

Information and visiting experience by by Daniel Geering (dangeery@bluewin.ch), Markus Wyrsch (lordedgar@gmx.ch) and Lukas Löhle (l.loehle@kanton.sh).
Translation by Bernt Poelling-Vocke (Bernty@gmx.com)


Back then....

The Schluefweg is the home of the EHC Kloten which was founded on the third of December 1934 by it´s seven inagural members and the leadership of Emil Hegner, who would become president of the club later on. 
During the first couple of years only "friendly" games where played, the Nagelimoos-pond was used as an ice-surface when it was frozen during the winter.
A bit later the EHC Kloten participated in the Swiss Championships and had to start in the lowest divisions as all newcomers are required to. 1941 Kloten advanced to the serie B (local divisions), five years later the team was in the serie A. Just one year later the team had won the serie A which qualified the team for a participation in the NLB, where the team stayed until it advanced to the NLA in 1962 at the green table, when the NLA was stocked up from eight to ten teams.
During those years the very well known Lüthi-line emerged with the brothers Ueli and Peter and their cousin Heinz forming a formidable line which also was part of the national team and helped the team to capture it´s first swiss title under coach Vladimir Kobera in 1967.


Ever since 1962 the Kloten Flyers have been a part of the NLA. During the last decades the team played more than 1000 games, captured more than 1100 points in the standings and turned the goal-light on far more than 4000 times.
During 1966/67, 1992/93 - 1995/96 the Flyers won the swiss Championship, especially the title win in 1993 by a score of 3:0 games against Fribourg is known as one of the most enthusiastic celebrated title in the history of Swiss hockey. But also the win in 1995 after an unsuccesful season by Kloten-standards with the release of the coach of the team in February and position seven in the standings after the regular season earned huge celebrations. When the team captured the title again in the season after and for the fourth time in a row this set a new record for Swiss hockey.
1997 the team moved into it´s new arena (pictures of both today´s and the former home online in the picture-section), the arena at the Schluefweg, which is the newest Swiss hockey arena at the moment. The arena has a capacity of 7561, 5261 of those are standing-room tickets. If you plan on attending a game be advised that most games draw well and especialy derbies against Zurich always result in a sold out arena. Tickets range from 20 Frankens for a standing room ticket and 35 Franken for a seat.

The future...

The future has started yesterday, under this mantra the EHC Kloten has been managed for years and has tied strong community relations in the past. The team has it´s own junior teams and invests about 800.000 Frankens a year into the development of their own youth teams. Since the foundation of the Swiss youth-championships in 1959/1960 Kloten´s youngsters have won the national championship 18 times (the last time in 1998/99).
With more than 200 kids and teenagers between the age of 5 and 20 participating in the youth programs of the team at the moment one can be assured that the team will be able to draw talents from it´s own programs and remain a team with strong ties in the community. More than 40 trainers and helpers are part of the youth-program, which is probably the one of the most sophisticated in Swiss hockey.


EHC Kloten Flyers
Marktgasse 15
8302 Kloten


By car: coming from Schaffhausen/Konstanz (Germany) drive in direction to Zurich, once you are there follow directions to the airport Zuerich-Kloten where you will find the arena.


Ticketline: call 0848 800 800

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