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Skyreach Centre

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Attendance Figures
2003/2004 17.677
includes outdoor game vs Montreal in front of 57.000
2002/2003 16.657
2001/2002 16.592




1998/1999 16.251
1997/1998 15.848
1996/1997 16.091
1995/1996 12.335
1994/1995 13.124
1993/1994 13.478
1992/1993 14.797
1991/1992 16.197


Your ticket and your wallet
Season Ticket $ (nhl-rank) Fan Cost  Index $
01/02 34.50
00/01 34.85
99/00 33.63
98/99 29.82
97/98 27.43
96/97 23.42
95/96 20.68
94/95 20.84
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Skyreach Centre

Information and visiting-experience by Marco Schwaab (Marco.Schwaab@t-online.de)
Translation by Bernt Pölling-Vocke (bernty@gmx.com)

During my visit in Edmonton I had the chance to visit the two biggest touristical highlights as far as I am concerned. One of them was the West Edmonton Mall, one of the biggest shopping centers in north America, a shopperīs paradise with a lot of means of additional entertainment, besides spending money of course. At the mall there is not only a huge rollercoaster and an even bigger swimming-pool, but also a large ice rink for public skating, a delphin-show and lots more! The time seems to fly by at the West Edmonton Mall and itīs definetly worth a visit.

The other highlight of Edmonton has to be the Skyreach Centre, the home of the Edmonton Oilers. The arena itself might be one of the older arenas still around in the NHL these days but nevertheless itīs a very comfortable and atmospheric place to enjoy a hockey-game. Up to 17.100 people can attend a game at the Skyreach Centre and there is enough parking space available around the arena. Everything around and inside the arena reminds the visitor of the succesfull earlier years of the franchise when the team captured four Stanley Cups in a row in the 80īs. Right outside the arena there is also a statue of the "Great One" hoisting the Stanley Cup(Wayne Gretzky), nearby the arena one can travel along the Wayne Gretzky Drive. Many banners in the rafters of the arena also remind the visitor of those years.

I myself went to the game between the Edmonton Oilers and the St. Louis Blues. From my seat in the upper level the view on the ice was pretty good and if one invests a bit more money one can have an even better view form the lower level. The ticket-prices range form 22 canadien dollars for the gallery above the upper level to 110 canadien dollars for a seat on the straight in the lower level. The first highlight one will enjoy during a game of the Oilers is the team-introduction when the team enters the darkened arena and a drillig rig is lowered onto the ice from the ceiling under which the players pass into the arena. After this the national anthems are being sung and the whole crowd gets out of itīs seats and sings along, at least during the canadien anthem. This is just phantastic in Edmonton, just as the atmosphere throughout the game which followed afterwards and where the crowd definetly played a factor in the 5:3 win over the Blues.


Seating-chart of the arena:

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Seating-chart and directions provided by www.eishockey.com.


Getting to the arena:

from the west (only description I have at the moment): leave the Yellowhead Highway at the downtown-exit. Edmontonīs streets are rather symmetrical and the numbers are descending when you approach the downtown area. When you reach the 118th Avenue make a turn to the left and follow the road until the arena is on the left side of the street.


There are four ways to obtain tickets for the Edmonton Oilers.

They can be purchased online at:

ordered by phone by calling:
local calls in Edmonton: 414-GOAL (4625)
or from Outside Edmonton: 1-866-414-GOAL (4625),

be bought at the following locations:
*    Londonderry Mall (Champions Store)
*    Southgate Mall - Customer Service Kiosk
*    United Cycle, 10323, 78 Avenue

or be purchased at local 7-Eleven-Stores.

Links to the team:

www.edmontonoilers.com (official homepage of the team)

www.basstickets.com (tickets online)