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Pictures of the Staples Center


Attendance Figures
2003/2004 17.877
2002/2003 17.570
2001/2002 16.756
2000/2001 15.813


1998/1999 12.794
1997/1998 13.019
1996/1997 12.297
1995/1996 13.556
1994/1995 15.414
1993/1994 15.677
1992/1993 15.833
1991/1992 16.005
1990/1991 ?
1989/1990 ?
1988/1989 ?
1987/1988 11.667
1986/1987 10.644
1985/1986 10.231
1984/1985 12.165
1983/1984 10.495
1982/1983 11.546
1981/1982 10.742







The Staples Center

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Pictures (outside shots) provided by Philip Kudelka (; and
Pictures of Los Angeles and inside the arena by Los Angeles Photos (  

The Staples Center is one of the most comfortable arenas of the NHL. With its Wayne Gretzkey Statue at the entrance, its purple seats, and its nice exterior design makes it a very fan friendly arena. Prior to playing at the Staples Center the Los Angeles Kings played at the Great Western Forum, seating 16.005. They moved to the brand-new Staples Center prior to the 1999/2000 season.

The Staples Center is right downtown Los Angeles , which is very handy (unlike some arenas). It has its own team store (like every other arena). Itís got its own bar, restaurant outside of arena. The bar/ restaurant is called the Fox Sports Sky Box, itís a sports bar ( if you prefer sports bars over others).  The bar and restaurant is open most of the day, before and after game time. Itís not as pricy as inside where it costs $8 dollars for a pint of beer, popcorn etc...  Itís got very nice architectural design; with glass at the front of the building looking out to downtown Los Angeles , little balconies sticking out of no where. Escalators between levels, and comfortable seats.                                                                                                

You get a fairly good view from anywhere in the arena. Although it does have 3 sections of luxury suites between the two levels, unless a sell out, the space makes you feel separated from the people below (see picture, picture provided by The upper concourse is very steep and there is no railing to protect you from falling two rows. The lower concourse is very wide and spacious which makes it easy to get around. The upper concourse is still spacious, but not as spacious as the lower concourse. There is tons of parking around Staples Center . The convention center is right next door, so if there is a convention you want to see you can go there as well. Then just walk right over to Staples Center .

I donít know much about the ticket situation in Los Angeles . All I know is that if the Kings are doing well itís hard to get seats; if they play ok it still will be hard, but not as hard if they are doing well. The Kings sell out lots of their games and the NBAís LA Lakers sell out most of their games as well. The NBAís LA Clippers still get about 15,000 people out to their games in and 18,118 is the seating capacity of Staples Center . Besides if you donít have tickets there are always scalpers


Seating chart of the Staples Center: 


Getting there (provided by

Coming from the LA International Airport:
Take freeway 105 East to the Freeway 110 North (Harbour Freeway) and leave this Freeway at the Adams Blvd. Take a left turn there into the Figueroa Street and take this street until you get to the 11th street where you turn left and see the Staples Center on the left hand. 


Adress of the Staples Center:

STAPLES Center, 111 South Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, CA 90017
(213) - 742-7100


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