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Vorarlberghalle Feldkirch

Information and visiting-experience by Paul Riener 
Pictures in part provided by the EC Feldkirch 

The Vorarlberghalle in Feldkirch is one of the most famous arenas one can find in Austria. The VEU (Vorarlberger Eishockey Union) captured nine national titles there and hosted the final weekend of the European Hockey League in 1998 when the VEU defeated Dynamo Moscow 5:3 and won the European Hockey League Championship for the first time, finally placing Feldkirch onto the european hockey map big time. Two years later the VEU had to fold due to financial problems, but the EC Feldkirch followed as the new tennant at the Vorarlberghalle right after the VEU left.

After two years in the 2nd division of Austrian hockey the EC Feldkirch marched back to the first division in 2002/2003. Most players who played for the VEU in 1998 were brought back and the new team tries to continue the succesfull tradition of it´s predecessor. 17 wins in a row in 2002 and 2003 set a new Austrian record and put the team right back on track to achieve it´s aim: the national title. 

The Vorarlberhalle was build in 1978 and serves hockey in Feldkirch ever since. Besides hockey one can find figure skating and public skating at the building.

In 2000 major renovations took place at the venue, and many fans disliked them. The famous straight on the western side of the arena was turned from a standing into a seating straight, a move not many fans agreed with. Prior to these renovations the fans on the western straight turned the building into a venue known for it´s great atmosphere, now those fans have been moved to the less attractive standing area behind the goal on the southern side.

Prior to the renovations the arena had a capacity of about 6.000, today´s capacity is around 4.500 to 5.000. If rumors are true more than 8.000 fans attended the final game of the European Hockey League in 1998 though, and another 5.000 celebrated in the parking lot.

Parking at or around the arena is no problem and public transport from all over the city is fine.

If you´re in town and in the mood for good atmosphere be sure to buy a ticket for the standing section at the southern end of the arena. If you´re just there for the game you can still get cheap tickets for the standing room at the northern end or more expensive seats on the straights, my choice is the southern end though. Try to catch a derby as the atmosphere will be even better than for normal games, especially games against the EHC Lustenau are really good.

In addition to the regular games of the EC Feldkirch the building is also used for games of the national team every once in a while, especially when the national team faces off against teams from countries to the west of Austria, so that they have to travel as little as possible.

Food can be bought at both ends of the building. You can find french fries, chicken-wings and sausages in addition to the normal drinks such as soft drinks, beer or wine. There is also the "Bully Club" inside the building where you can join other hockey-fans for a beer after a game.

Pictures of the Bully Club:

If you´re in the mood for some real good beer though I would go to one of the nearby Pubs as beer is sold in plastic bottles at the arena. And the beer itself isn´t the greatest either.

All in all I can only conclude that it is really worth the time and money to attend a game at Feldkirch and I hope to see you soon!

Adress of the team

Kultur Kongress Freizeit - Betriebe Feldkirch GmbH
Postfach 564, 6803 Feldkirch
Telefon 05522/76001
Fax 05522/76002

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you can order tickets by calling  +43 676 35 
or with an e-mail to: egon.morscher@aon.at


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http://www.ec-feldkirch.com/ (official homepage)