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Franz Siegel Halle 

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Hockey in Freiburg: the history

The history of hockey in Freiburg can only be described as a constant up and down: just as many times as the team seemed to make huge steps forward the team fell back to the ground again. The higher they played, the deeper they fell. In the 60s the team had to merge with the WSV Titisee out of financial reasons, but was able to attract public support in the 70s when the arena of the team received its first permanent roofing. Even though the merger of the two teams fell apart later on, Freiburg`s team was able to make it back to the 2nd division (2. Bundesliga) in 1977 and even advanced to the first league two years later under the control of Tibor Vozar, the coach at that time. After one season the team went down again after finishing last in the standings. In 83/84 the team played in the first division again, seemed to be better prepared and finished on a surprisingly good 6th position at the end of the regular season, in which defeats of the champion Landshut and the runner-up Mannheim were highlights many people still remember today. But, as fans were already used to, troubles were not far away and the team went bankrupt at the conclusion of its best season ever.

Nothing happened for a whole year, until the EHC Freiburg was founded by former supporters of the now bankrupt predecessor. Loaded with tons of enthusiasm the new team shot out of the gate and was immediately granted a spot in the 2. Bundesliga. Carried by the emotions surrounding the team Freiburg attracted more than 100.000 fans and made it to the top of the standings. The team continued to be successful and barely missed the advancement to the first division again in 86/87, but fans only had to wait one more year until Freiburg advanced in 1988.

This time around the team didn’t risk its existence by risky acquisitions as it had happened years before when Freiburg established itself in the first division for the first time. Based on good management the team got better and better and qualified for the playoffs in 1991/1992, until, once again, financial problems led to new pains among fans of Freiburg.

Freiburg started off again in the fourth division, advanced immediately and attracted average crowds of 3.300 fans. Even though fans never knew what kind of hardships awaitened them, they stood to their team, no matter where it ended up. The team also accumulated 44:0 points during this successful season and returned to the 2nd division a year later. Back in the 2nd division Freiburg made the playoffs from 1995/1996 on but always failed to win the title. Trouble started to brew in 20001/2002, when the team just avoided dropping down to the third division again. Wins in the following relegation games saved Freiburg`s 2nd division existance and, to show once again how lows always seem to be followed by ups in Freiburg`s hockey-history, just a year later the team advanced to the first division, the DEL, after capturing the title of the 2nd division. Currently, as of December 2003, Freiburg is last in the standings in the DEL, the first division, but history shows that everything can happen, at least when it concerns Freiburg and hockey. 


Freiburg's arena

The building was constructed by the ERC (the club that went bankrupt in the early 80s). In the 70s the building, with a capacity of about 4.000, got its first roof, and seven years later the capacity was increased to 5.500 (1.100 seats).

In 1982 the ERC had to sell the arena, but just three years later the city transferred the rights of the arena to Freiburg's new team, the one still in business today. A lot of money for renovations has never been available since, and many helpers worked for free in order to keep the building playable. Major renovations are not possible as the roof is listed as a historic monument, but I think it wouldn’t be a problem to raise the capacity by another 2.000 if the south end would be build as the north end is at the moment. But with no money at hand and no funds from the city, which only seems to have money available for the SC Freiburg, Freiburgs soccer club, no changes will occur in the foreseeable future.

Freiburg's hardcore fans usually stand in the northern section and turn the arena into a loud nuthouse with an incredible atmosphere that one will never find in the new buildings such as Cologne's Kölnarena.



Strasse Ensiheimer Straße 1
Ort 79110 Freiburg


Getting there:

By car:

Coming from the autobahn "A5" you have to take the exit "Freiburg-Mitte", from there on you have to follow the ongoing road until you reach an exist called "Bischofslinde/ Sportzentrum West" . From here on you follow the signs leading to the "Sportzentrum West", where he arena is located. Succifient parking is available at the arena. 

Public transport:

Bus number 10 takes you from the "Siegesdenkmal" to the stop "Berliner Allee", from where you should be able to see the arena.


Upon your arrival at the main station, walk to the bus-stop "Fahnenbergplatz" (approximatly 3 minutes). Bus number 10 takes you from the " Siegesdenkmal" to the stop "Berliner Allee", from where you should be able to see the arena.


Links to the team: (offizielle Homepage des Vereins)