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Attendance Figures

capacity: 3000 (and it is quiet full on most nights)













































Home of the EHC Black Wings: the Donauparkhalle Linz

Information, visiting-experience and pictures by Gerold Rachlinger (gerold.rachlinger@liwest.at)

The Linzer Donauparkhalle was constructed in 1986 under control of the major of that time, Franz Hillinger. It costed 6.3 million euro and has been left unchanged ever since. Nevertheless the building is one of the nicest facilities in Austria. 

The view from the standing sections (only 980 seats are in the building, 2020 fans have to/can stand) is pretty well, and when you have a seat the same can be said unless you´re not sitting in the very first row. The standing-room sections are right behind the seats which helps the atmosphere a lot. The building is separated into six sections and at the north end one can find a standing-only section. From that section one has a good view of the whole building at game, at least if you like the angle to watch hockey. If you´re hungry you will be glad to find a large concession stand with beverages and food. There is another concession stand right outside behind the scoreboard. The only downside of the building is the rather bad sound quality and the fact that nobody really cares about the no-smoking-signs around the building (on the other hand you can only watch a hockey-game and smoke at the same time in Linz and nowhere else in Austria, it is a matter of perspective I guess). 

Linz is crazy about it´s hockey-team and a lot of discussions took place about enlarging the arena so that it fits 4000 fans (3000 at the moment). At the moment money is the only problem but (as of early 2003) it is expected that the regional government will come up with the necessary funds within the next two years. You will probably find another standing-room section at the "dead eastern end" (see seating-chart below) anytime soon. The sound-system is due to be replaced as well. Finally. 

Road fans are put into the standing-section "C" these days. It is not always an easy task to obtain tickest in Linz and I would recommend that you think about getting them in advance, especially when you´re travelling in a group and need a bunch of them. The Linzer fans are considered very friendly so don´t be scared even when you´re rooting for the road-team. Most die-hard fans of Linz are in section A and B. You might want to avoid those sections, but that´s common sense. 

All around the building you can find some bars and pubs. Three of them can be found in the Holzstraße, which is about a minute from the building. I would recommend the Gasthäuser Mühlviertlerhof and Lindbauer (left side of the Brückenstr.) when you come to Linz as the food is pretty good at both places. The Café Millenium is also worth a visit. If you wish to dive into the Linz nightlife right after the game the old-part of the city is just 10 walking-minutes from the rink (to the west). Have a great time! 


Getting there:

By car:
From the south: You will be coming with the A1 and have to leave this Autobahn when you can take the A7 Mühlkreisautobahn
. This autobahn you take in direction to Prague until you get to the exit "Hafenstraße". Make a right-turn next and head to the inner-city. Turn right at the third traffic light (approximatly after one kilometer) and you´re at the building.

From the North: Take the A7 as well, leave it at the Hafenstraße and read the stuff above. Parking-lots are opened three hours prior to a game.  

Public transport:
From the south (main station)

Take Bus-line 1 or 3 and get out at the stop "Hauptplatz". The arena is just a short walking distance from there. 

Address of the arena:

Address:: Untere Donaulände 11, 4020 Linz
phone number: ++43/70/776508-0
tickets by phone: ++43/70/773777
fax number: ++43/70/773777-10


Seating chart of the building:




Links to the team:

http://www.blackwings.at (official homepage)