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Ilfis Stadion
SCL Tigers

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Attendance figures
2002/2003 5.005
2001/2002 4.957
2000/2001 ?
1999/2000 4.969
1998/1999 5.253
1997/1998 4.038
1996/1997 3.139

























The Ilfis-Stadion

Information and visiting experience by by Michael Brunner (mp_brunner@hotmail.com)
Translation by Bernt Poelling-Vocke (Bernty@gmx.com)

The Ilfis Stadion, home of the SCL Tigers in Langnau, was named after a river flowing by the arena (the Ilfis) and has a capacity of up to 6.500 (4.150 standing-room tickets, 2.350 seats).

The arena was opened in 1976, the only season in which the team from Langnau won a national championship during it´s long history (in 1996 the team celebrated it´s 50th anniversary). In 1999 the team became a public-owned company and is being owned by 2.700 stock-holders at the moment. The team was also hidden in the lower divisions of Swiss hockey until it´s revival in 1994 when the team moved back into the NLB where the Tigers stayed until they advanced to the NLA just four years later in 1998.

The SCL is one of the most famous teams of the NLA and Swiss hockey in general. It is easy to see this by a quick glance to the club´s attendance figures that have been above 4.000 ever since 1997. The good turnout comes despite a rather worn down arena and a small-budget team that is playing closer to the NLB than the first championship since 1976, but the great atmosphere of the Ilfis-Arena makes up for a lot of this.

Tickets should be available for almost all games with moderate ease. Only games against the rivals from Bern produce automatic sellouts, you also have to shell out an extra-charge on the normal ticket-price for those games.

Due to the fact that the management of the club always tries to ice a mixture of veterans and youngsters from the area it becomes easy for the fans to identify with their team which is also known for "producing" very attractive hockey. Many international stars also finished their careers with the SCL Tigers, for example Ray Sheppard (NHL, Florida Panthers), Todd Elik oder the finish world-champion (1995) Erik Hämäläinen.


Getting tickets in advance:

Seating and standing-room tickets:
Moser Mode, Marktgasse 14, 3550 Langnau, Tel: 034 402 27 87
Ticket-Corner, 0848 800 800
Standing-room only:
Bern: Moto-Center, 031 992 16 10
Burgdorf: Manor, Sportabteilung, 034 420 96 99
Grosshöchstetten: Ramseier Reisen, 031 711 36 11
Kirchberg: Habegger Sport, 034 445 18 28
Oberdiessbach: Radio Lanz AG
Schüpfheim (LU): Landi, 041 484 12 56
Steffisburg: Bäckerei Jenzer, 033 437 20 34
Hasle-Rüegsau: Bahnhof RM, 034 461 82 00
Utzenstorf: Bahnhof RM, 032 665 01 85
Sumiswald: Bahnhof RM, 034 431 61 50
Huttwil: Sportzentrum Schwarzenbach, 062 962 58 50

Adress of the team:

SCL Tigers AG
Postfach 700
3550 Langnau


Contact by  E-Mail:



Links to the team:

www.scltigers.ch (official homepage of the team)